Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Secret: My Fitness Pal

A big turn around in my journey was when my cardiologist broke down weight loss into a very simple concept: calories out needs to be more than calories in. Numbers. I get numbers. That made everything real to me. Simple numbers: men will burn 11 calories per pound per day, women will burn 7 calories […]

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Not a fantastic week

My goal for post #2 was to talk about the changes I’ve made with food and how I haveĀ found success with curbing portion sizes, changing eating patterns, making better food choices, and how I keep tabs on all that. Instead, being an accountability blog and all, I need to come clean: this week hasn’t been […]

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The wake up call

It began the first full week in January 2015, around the 7th or 8th of the month. It came on small, as I’ve felt a few times before, just a fluttering in my chest. The fluttering continued, and grew stronger, and was accompanied by pain. I played it off, even made a joke to a […]

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