Not a fantastic week

My goal for post #2 was to talk about the changes I’ve made with food and how I have found success with curbing portion sizes, changing eating patterns, making better food choices, and how I keep tabs on all that.

Instead, being an accountability blog and all, I need to come clean: this week hasn’t been great.

Really, by last week, I mean last few days. Wednesday night turned into a Culvers night. Double bacon deluxe, large fries, turtle sundae.

Not a good choice. But I also know that I can’t hate life when I decide to take a day off.

 Yesterday saw me gorge on Wendy’s. Burger and fries.

And today? Chicken and waffles. And the fair tonight.

So! Chalking this up to a cheat week and getting back on the horse.

That said, this has been a decent walking week. Maybe not my best ever but I’m getting better at getting a good walk in each morning. That helps. It’s amazing how much change there has been in how much I can walk, and how much easier it is, in just a few short months.

One step at a time..

photo credit: Dinner – Burger King via photopin (license)

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