The Secret: My Fitness Pal

A big turn around in my journey was when my cardiologist broke down weight loss into a very simple concept: calories out needs to be more than calories in. Numbers. I get numbers. That made everything real to me.

Simple numbers: men will burn 11 calories per pound per day, women will burn 7 calories per pound per day.

Sure, there’s some give or take here or there, but overall this gives you a good ballpark.

Now the important part: keeping track of how many calories I’m putting in my body.

For that, I turn to My Fitness Pal.

I cannot recommend this app more strongly. It is simple to understand, quick and easy to use, and has a huge food database which makes life so much easier when it comes to adding food to your day. Plus, it’s free!

I was astonished when I started using this app and finding out how many calories I was putting into my body every day. No wonder I was so overweight!

Then I started using My Fitness Pal and began tracking what I was eating and how much of it I was eating. Day in, day out. Every meal, every snack, every little “Hey, can I have just one of those french fries?” It didn’t matter what it was – I tracked it. Food labels became my best friend. I bought a food scale so I could weigh out what I was eating so I would have a more accurate total of the calories I was putting into my body.

The simple truth is, our bodies use a certain number of calories just living, and burn off a few extra when we are more active. If we are putting fewer calories than that into our bodies, then we lose weight. It’s really that simple.

But you have to know how much you’re putting into your body to be able to make sure you are on track. And the easiest way I found was through that app.

Additional features include the ability to add your own recipes or meals (for instance, I eat half an egg sandwich for breakfast quite frequently so I have it saved as a frequent meal and I don’t have to add each ingredient individually) plus there is a social aspect where you can follow your friends and help them be accountable to their goals. (Feel free to add me: BigC_MKE)

The app also tracks your nutrition and your weight so you can see the progress that you’ve made since starting to use the app.

I can’t stress enough: you can walk or run or life weights until the cows come home, but if you aren’t strict on your diet you will not see the results you want to see.

Give it a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe those love handles).

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