Lapped by an old lady..

I’ve taken to walking at local park recently. I try to get down before work, get in a lap (1.8 miles almost on the nose), then head to work.

It’s a great walk. It’s quiet, beautiful, peaceful. Just an out and out good time and great place to walk.

The other day I was walking and I noticed someone walking past me as I glanced over my left shoulder. This isn’t uncommon. While I’m walking a lot more, I’m still a slow walker, but this morning? It was a little old lady.

That’s right – I was lapped by a little old lady.

My first thought was, “DAAAAMN!” I mean serious, how discouraging is that??

My second thought was, a few months ago I wouldn’t have even been there to be passed by that old lady.

And that made me smile.

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