It’s the little things..

It feels amazing when someone calls me out on how much better I look.

It feels amazing when I can get up and walk somewhere without instantly being out of breath.

It even feels amazing that all my clothes are too damn big on me.

Those are big changes. Those are the things that people see and call out to me. Those are changes that make huge, life altering differences.

But it’s the little things that have really started to make life easier and better.

  • Getting up out of a chair and not struggling.
  • Being able to take a serious walk.
  • Having serious thoughts of joining a gym – something that I’ve never been comfortable enough to do.
  • Not worrying daily that my back is going to go out on me and leave me incapacitated for a week.
  • The dreams I now have of traveling and visiting areas that I never thought I could visit before, because I wasn’t mobile enough.

I’m starting to dream. Dream in ways I haven’t been able to, or allowed myself to dream in the past. And those dreams are really exciting me.

And these little day to day things are such a huge change. They change my outlook, each and every day. Those are the changes that stand out more than anything. Those are the changes that truly make a difference. Those are the changes I keep fighting for.

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