What was I thinking taking a spin class?

15834554234_bf00207a93_mLess than a week into my new gym membership and I sign up for a spin class.


I ain’t gotta damn clue!

It started last Thursday as I was wrapping up my 3 day trial at the club. As I was closing out the man at the front desk, husband to the woman who had shown me around the club and signed me up for the trial, mentioned that his wife was having a beginners spin class and that I should sign up.

I gave it no mind, handed in my locker key, and went to have a seat and browse my phone before heading to work.

Then, of course, his wife comes in.

First she asks if I want to join the club as a member.

Of course!

Then she asks if I want to join her spin class.



Wait, what?


Fast forward a few days and she had emailed me about leaving something for me at the front desk and asked if I was ready for the class. I told her I was just hoping I would survive the class.

So today comes. I was more than a little curious and anxious. But I was there.

I’ll admit it wasn’t exactly what I expected, and it was much more difficult than I expected. I haven’t ridden a bike in years, so just getting on the damn thing was a challenge. Getting my feet in those stupid little stirrup things. And that seat! How horribly uncomfortable!

I walk into the joint and it’s a bit dark, extremely hot, and full of people. To say I was slightly intimidated is an understatement. But hell, I was here here already. What was I going to do – leave?

So I get up on the bike and get ready to hit this thing. Using the bike was easy enough. I was able to get moving well enough. The “stand up and pedal” thing didn’t work real well so instead when everyone else did that I would just up my resistance and ride that out. Toward the end of the class I had to stop riding more than I did ride but I finished the damn class. Mind you I had to take breaks throughout the class to give my legs and, quite frankly, my ass a rest. I wish I had been able to pedal more, but I did ok. I put in 5 miles total. Not bad.

And I got a “Congrats, you made it!” high five at the end of class from the instructor and one of the other participants.

I’m calling it a win.



Photo Credit | Creative Commons

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