And here.. we.. go (again)!

So I’ve been failing horribly at this Biggest Loser challenge. Hoooorrribly.

But! When I weighed in today, I was right back where I started. I lost a bunch early, then I gained a bunch, then I was even higher than I started. But now? I’m back at the start.

So why have I fallen off the path?

I’ll blame part of it on my cold. I was sick for about 2 weeks and when I have a cold – I eat. It makes me feel much better and helps me get over the cold easier. That said – I probably could have lessened the food a bit. I’ve also made it much more of a habit to go out for lunch. Yes, I should eat lunch, but.. I don’t. So!

I’m getting back on track.

Also – I need to get more active again. I haven’t been very active since starting the new gig, I’ve gained a bunch of weight, and yesterday my back started to act up – something that hasn’t happened since I started getting more active about a year ago. So it’s time. And it’s starting tomorrow when I go with a friend to check out a new gym.

Work, 3 hour commute, graduate school, and now adding more work outs on top of it.

Yeah, I’m not gonna have time to breathe.

But if I live.. and live healthier.. it’s all worth it.


Photo: “Start” by jakeandlindsay is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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