Monthly Archives: June 2017

One week later..

Last weekend was a bit of a revelation. I felt that instead of the 1 step forward, 2 steps back that I’ve seen recently, it was more like 2 huge leaps forward, and maybe a small step back. I knew then that things wouldn’t be perfect moving forward, and they haven’t been, but they have […]

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More than Meets the Eye!

Ok, that title is a stupid play on words, but it’s fun.. ish. This is also a really long post. So kudos for anyone who actually reads through all this garbage. That said.. this has been a really good weekend. I’ve had wonderful ups and some anguishing downs but all told I really feel like […]

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Crisis Mode

It recently (like, last night) came to my attention that people have a very strong misunderstanding of what all I’ve been going through of late. Honestly, it doesn’t matter all that much, but I also know that what I have written here and elsewhere has been more one-sided than what I’ve actually been thinking about […]

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