One week later..

Last weekend was a bit of a revelation. I felt that instead of the 1 step forward, 2 steps back that I’ve seen recently, it was more like 2 huge leaps forward, and maybe a small step back. I knew then that things wouldn’t be perfect moving forward, and they haven’t been, but they have been somuch. better! 

I’m happy that I can say that I have been much better able to move past those hiccups that happen here and there. I’m better able to identify when I am heading down a road I don’t want to – hell, that I can’t – go down and I’m so much better able to reverse course when that happens. This has helped me keep a much tighter handle on how I am throughout each day. As I said, it hasn’t been perfect, and it may never be perfect, but it’s.. ok. Hell, I’d argue it’s been good.

And with good comes some reflection..

The picture included with this post was taken by me Saturday night as I drove to a friend’s house (I know, don’t lecture). It was taken at sunset as a storm was closing in on the area. Not only was it a gorgeous view, but I felt it was symbolic in a number of ways.

All storms will pass.
It can’t rain all the time, right? All storms, no matter how big or bad or deadly they may be, will pass with time. You just have to hunker down, hold on tight, and ride it out. That is always a happy reminder. But beyond that, and much more importantly..

You can find beauty in the storm.
You don’t have to wait until the storm is over to find beauty in what is around you. The rain may be pounding, the thunder crashing, the wind rattling my foundation but there is still beauty all around me and I’m finding that this last week, in particular, I have been better able to see that beauty that is around me. I’m able to see the love, and friendship, and support I have. I’m able to see some of the future that I want and make changes to help me get there. I’m able to seek out and pursue dreams that I haven’t given any time to previously.

And I’ve actually allowed myself to see beyond those big, dark clouds that seem to always be overhead and see that beautiful sky behind them and know that, no matter how ugly this storm is, the clouds are going to pass. The rain will begin to let up. The winds will subside. And one day, instead of only being able to stand in a single ray or two of sunshine, I’ll be standing underneath a clear blue sky, full of sun, and full of promise of a future that I can’t wait to meet.

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