I’m a 40-something year old guy living my life between Milwaukee and Chicago. I generally spend my time hanging with friends and family, enjoying music and sports, and smoking cigars as often as I can. In January 2015 I had a medical wake up call which pushed me to finally get healthy. At the time I weighed around 435 pounds – my highest weight was around 460.

My first trip to a cardiologist was a huge wake up call. I had already begun put changes in place but he spoke to me like a human being, not like a sub-human fat guy, a feeling I got from other doctors throughout my life.

I began putting changes in place and the weight began to fall off. Then, I began walking and stretching myself physically. As time goes on, the plan is to keep stretching myself and pushing myself and not only get healthier, but to begin truly living life.. with a cigar in hand, of course. And that’s what this blog is about. It’s an accountability blog for myself while possibly offering some hope and inspiration for others fighting the same battles I have. All while sharing a bit of me with the world.

Update: 2/14/17

Things have taken a bit of a twist. I’ve gone through some emotional turmoil lately and decided to turn this into more of a general “getting better” blog than simply a weight loss blog. Hopefully I do better at keeping up with it this time.

Thank you for reading.

– Christopher

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