Time to get serious

I had a plan. A plan to hit a certain weight by the end of the year. And I’m way off track. 

I have been stationary for the last month. Lose a few pounds, gain a few more, in the end I’m about where I started around the beginning of September. Really, since I hit that overall 100 pound mark. I would like to think I didn’t rest on my laurels, but maybe I did a bit. 
So I need to get real again.

The good news is that I’ve been steady at the gym. More on that in another post. It’s eating that’s gotten stupid. So now it’s back at it. I may not hit my mark by the end of the year, but I can give it a helluva shot..

What was I thinking taking a spin class?

15834554234_bf00207a93_mLess than a week into my new gym membership and I sign up for a spin class.


I ain’t gotta damn clue!

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Celebrating 100

I’ve been keeping 2 weights in the back of my mind: 435 and 460.

435 is the main weight I am using when calculating my weight loss. It’s where I was when I started this profound journey back in January of 2015.

460 is one that I’ve always kept note of. It’s the heaviest that I’ve ever known that I’ve been. Maybe I was higher at some point, but it’s the one I am certain of.

On Wednesday, August 26th I weighed in at 357.4 pounds.

Officially 100 pounds lower than my highest weight ever.

What a journey it’s been… and we’ve only just begun.

Taking a test run at the gym

While I’ve made solid progress on my weight loss journey, I felt it may be time to kick it into an extra gear. To do that, I took a trip to a local gym to look around. I took a quick tour and spoke to someone about the amenities and benefits to membership. But the most important thing to me was comfort.

I had walked into a gym many, many years ago with the thoughts of joining but felt so completely out of place and such a main focus of attention I left without ever looking back. If I can’t feel comfortable I’ll never end up going, and there is no point in that. I was pleased to find that throughout this brief tour of the building I felt comfortable throughout. The next step was actually using the gym, which I did the last 3 days on a guest pass.

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It’s the little things..

It feels amazing when someone calls me out on how much better I look.

It feels amazing when I can get up and walk somewhere without instantly being out of breath.

It even feels amazing that all my clothes are too damn big on me.

Those are big changes. Those are the things that people see and call out to me. Those are changes that make huge, life altering differences.

But it’s the little things that have really started to make life easier and better.

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Dear Body..

Dear Body..

You’ve really taken care of me over the years, haven’t you?

Sure, there’s been some hiccups. The sleep apnea thing has been an issue. A couple random tissue growths that we’ve had removed. And the back – the back is the big one.

IMG_1305But all in all, you’ve done a great job taking care of me.

Even though I’ve done a horrible job taking care of you.

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Lapped by an old lady..

I’ve taken to walking at local park recently. I try to get down before work, get in a lap (1.8 miles almost on the nose), then head to work.

It’s a great walk. It’s quiet, beautiful, peaceful. Just an out and out good time and great place to walk.

The other day I was walking and I noticed someone walking past me as I glanced over my left shoulder. This isn’t uncommon. While I’m walking a lot more, I’m still a slow walker, but this morning? It was a little old lady.

That’s right – I was lapped by a little old lady.

My first thought was, “DAAAAMN!” I mean serious, how discouraging is that??

My second thought was, a few months ago I wouldn’t have even been there to be passed by that old lady.

And that made me smile.

The Secret: My Fitness Pal

A big turn around in my journey was when my cardiologist broke down weight loss into a very simple concept: calories out needs to be more than calories in. Numbers. I get numbers. That made everything real to me.

Simple numbers: men will burn 11 calories per pound per day, women will burn 7 calories per pound per day.

Sure, there’s some give or take here or there, but overall this gives you a good ballpark.

Now the important part: keeping track of how many calories I’m putting in my body.

For that, I turn to My Fitness Pal.

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Not a fantastic week

My goal for post #2 was to talk about the changes I’ve made with food and how I haveĀ found success with curbing portion sizes, changing eating patterns, making better food choices, and how I keep tabs on all that.

Instead, being an accountability blog and all, I need to come clean: this week hasn’t been great.

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The wake up call

It began the first full week in January 2015, around the 7th or 8th of the month. It came on small, as I’ve felt a few times before, just a fluttering in my chest. The fluttering continued, and grew stronger, and was accompanied by pain. I played it off, even made a joke to a co-worker that I was having a heart attack. Clearly I seemed more serious than I intended as he started grilling me. Again, I played it off, and continued on with my day.

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